nekonekodesign PAPER ARTSは、切り絵を使ってArt&Productを創り上げるデザインカンパニーです。

Nekonekodesign PAPER ARTS is a paper art company that creates art and products using paper in Japan. We create art, window displays, stationery and more, based on innocent and expressive power of paper. Our creations are made with a playful and free spirit, using the paper-cutting technique.


菅野 一剛 Kazuyoshi Kanno


明治大学文学部を卒業後、ギャラリーや広告代理店、アパレルデザイン会社に勤務。在職中から「紙を縫い、切る」独自のスタイルでPaper Artistとして活動、その作品は国内外で紹介される。2018年4月より独立、nekonekodesign PAPER ARTS を立ち上げ。ラグジュアリーブランドや商業施設、ショップなどのディスプレイをデザイン・製作、オリジナルブランドのプロダクトデザイン・販売などを手掛けている。

Kazuyoshi Kanno
Born in 1978, Japan. He lives and works in Japan.

After graduating from Meiji University, he worked at the modern art gallery, advertise agency and fashion design office. As a fashion designer, created many design of clothes and textiles for Tokyo famous brands. Textile design was introduced at NY Trade Show and Premiere Vision in France, were bought by some gallery in NYC, and museum curator.

Now, the techniques creating his works is just “sewing” and “cutting”. The material is so simple, just paper and thread. It is the theme of his works that produce the abstract dynamism by sawing and cutting paper. These expresses his mentality and the desire “Return to innocence”.